Monday, June 18, 2012

The glove pattern is on its way. I have completed my first prototype and am now seeking people to test the pattern.

I am exceeding happy with the way that the gloves have turned out. I have made a medium and large sized glove myself. The finished pattern will be for the medium and the ability to size up or down the glove by using a differnt hook.

I'm going to have co-workers and friends test the pattern. I don't think they will have the same sense of urgency as my impatient self, so it may be a few weeks until the final pattern gets posted here. I will attempt to keep us all amused with other projects I am working on. I tend to be a bit of a space case and ADD, so there are a few to choose from.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's get it started

I'm not sure how well I'm going to be at keeping this up, but we'll see. I had the idea of creating a blog so I could have a place to talk about crochet/knitting and share any patterns I come up with.

I went to StevenBe on Thursday looking for some fun bright colors to work with. They had just gotten in a new shipment of Three Irish Girls yarn. I picked up a gorgeous skein of sock weight yarn that looks like an ice cream  social (yummy)
Three Irish Girls "Adorn Sock"

I was inspired to create a project myself, and I came up with a cute pair of biker gloves.

I've created many projects with my own design, but I've never tried recording them so that they could be recreated by someone else. I thought this would be a simple enough project to start with.

I'm still in the process of recording it at this point, but I will be taking pictures of my finished project and posting those soon.

Once I've completed the project, I'll find a couple of volunteers to test the pattern. When all goes well, I'll post it on here.