Sunday, June 10, 2012

Let's get it started

I'm not sure how well I'm going to be at keeping this up, but we'll see. I had the idea of creating a blog so I could have a place to talk about crochet/knitting and share any patterns I come up with.

I went to StevenBe on Thursday looking for some fun bright colors to work with. They had just gotten in a new shipment of Three Irish Girls yarn. I picked up a gorgeous skein of sock weight yarn that looks like an ice cream  social (yummy)
Three Irish Girls "Adorn Sock"

I was inspired to create a project myself, and I came up with a cute pair of biker gloves.

I've created many projects with my own design, but I've never tried recording them so that they could be recreated by someone else. I thought this would be a simple enough project to start with.

I'm still in the process of recording it at this point, but I will be taking pictures of my finished project and posting those soon.

Once I've completed the project, I'll find a couple of volunteers to test the pattern. When all goes well, I'll post it on here.

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